The End of the Golden Age: One NYC Landlord’s Story


The golden age of being a landlord could be coming to a close in New York City. Ben Carlos Thypin, a veteran landlord of residential and commercial real estate, believes that a political change in the landscape of renters’ rights could lead to economic shifts that will affect landlords. On this episode of the podcast, we speak with Thypin and he explains his views on why this shift is occurring, and why he is planning a complete transition out of residential real estate.

Renters in major cities like New York City often don’t enjoy the same rights and levels of protection as homeowners. As a result, landlords often have an advantage. Historically, rents have steadily increased and property prices have risen to the benefit of landlords. Furthermore, many landlords have an array of other ways to make money as well. However, Thypin believes that this trend could be quickly changing.

Politicians are starting to focus more on the rights of tenants and renters alike, which could greatly shift the way business is done in the housing market. With such a change imminent, Thypin is starting to plan for its foreseeable effects on landlords, deciding to transition out of residential real estate altogether.

Ben Carlos Thypin is a veteran landlord in New York City who has been in the residential and commercial property industry for over two decades. He has been an active voice for landlords, helping protect them from potentially harmful legislation in the past. He is deeply entrenched in the industry, and his predictions are often taken seriously. Thypin serves on multiple boards related to real estate and has built an impressive network over the years.

Regarding the company mentioned in the article, Thypin has come to be recognized as an authority in the real estate realm during his career. He has worked with multiple corporations and rental management companies to ensure that landlords are treated fairly and get the compensation they deserve. Thypin is heavily involved in activities such as lobbying, meeting with government officials, and advocating for changes in the legal framework that protect tenants and landlords. His expertise has become highly sought after, as he is widely considered to be the go-to person for real estate advice.

With the growing focus on renters’ rights, Thypin believes that the golden age of being a landlord is coming to an end. This is why he is making the strategic decision to transition out of residential real estate. He explains that while it has been a great business opportunity in the past, the underlying economic dynamics are changing and adapting to the new political landscape is now a priority. Thypin expects that this transition period could be challenging, but welcomes the challenge with his expertise, experience, and network of contacts and allies.