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Tinder Creating Exclusive Membership Program with $500/Month Fee

Tinder Creating Exclusive Membership Program with $500/Month Fee

Tinder, a leading online app for all types of dating, is shaping up to launch an ultra-premium version of their app – the VAULT. It is touted as a $500-a-month subscription – many times more than the other three paid subscriptions they currently have on offer. This trial version of VAULT offers users 24/7 access to a dating coach and allows them to connect with some of the most sought-after and influential members of the app. Mark Van Ryswyk, Chief Product Officer of the company, has confirmed the test-trial of the plan.

For those looking to upgrade their Tinder experience, VAULT offers two pricing plans – $500 per month or $5,000 per year. This latest update is sure to provide immense value to users by offering them ‘unrivaled access to the best of Tinder’ and a chance to ‘shape the Tinder VAULT offering’. The package includes advanced features such as a personalized concierge service, 24/7 dating advice, a priority pass and a ‘premium passport’ to help access some of the most active and ‘liked’ users.

The parent company of Tinder – Match Group – is going through difficult times in terms of profits since this January when it posted first-ever quarterly drop. As a result, it is not unlikely for Tinder VAULT to come at least partially for financial reasons. Match CEO Bernard Kim, however, has highlighted the fact that the poor performance of profits is due to weaker-than-expected product executions.

The person mentioned in this article is Mark Van Ryswyk, Chief Product Officer of Tinder. He is responsible for the development of the product roadmap and has confirmed the test-run of VAULT. He has also been held responsible by Match CEO Bernard Kim for weaker-than-expected product executions as per profits.

The company mentioned in this article is Match Group. It is the parent company of Tinder and is one of the leading online dating groups in the world. Recently, however, the group has posted their first-ever quarterly drop in profits this January. This is when Bernard Kim, the Match Group CEO, has held Mark Van Ryswyk responsible for the weakening product executions. As a result, test-trial has been conducted for VAULT to help increase profits.