Top Companies to Watch Out For


These Companies Should Be on Your Radar:
The second quarter offers a lot of potential opportunities for savvy investors. With the help of Bloomberg Intelligence analysts, we have compiled a list of 10 companies to watch out for over the coming months. Spanning a range of sectors and regions, this list of high-confidence Focus Ideas has identified catalysts that could result in strong performance over the next few months. To give you a brief overview of this list, here are four of the featured companies, in no particular order.

First up is Europe’s largest IT services provider. Not only does this company have less exposure to cyclically exposed sectors like TMT and finance, but its record order backlog in the fourth quarter has analysts expecting to see a 2023 revenue boost greater than 10%, compared to the consensus 5% estimate and management’s projected 4-7%.

Meanwhile, as one of Asia’s leading exchanges, HKEX can look forward to reaping the rewards of its healthy residual fund balances, which are sensitive to interest rate hikes. Further, the China-driven economic revival this year should help to bolstering Hong Kong’s IPO market, yet another high-margin business for HKEX.

Comfort-focused sneaker maker is another potential jackpot. Large investments into technology, such as an e-commerce platform and loyalty program, as well as successful expansion into new markets has spurred BI to expect a 2023 sales growth higher than 10%, signficantly better than the current analyst estimate.

Finally, Danish wind turbine-producer Vestas stands to benefit greatly from increased funding for green energy projects. Steel prices have fallen, reducing costs and bolstering their bottom line. Their 2024 operating profit is estimated to be 25% greater than the current consensus of analysts.

John Wick: Chapter 4’s success could potentially make up for Lions Gate Entertainment Group’s purchase of the Starz network. With a $138 million opening weekend and further positive critical reviews, this might just be the success story even John Wick can’t predict. Thomas Buckley, an expert in the area, insists that there’s an uphill battle to fight regardless, due to the $4.4 billion purchase.

John Wick is an American media franchize primarily consisting of action and thriller films. The franchise follows the life of hitman, John Wick, as he navigates a world of chosen assassins and their employers. Tom Buckley is a movie producer, consultant, and former studio executive, who has held roles at Lions Gate and Disney. He also served as executive producer of both John Wick and John Wick 2.