Trans Women Excluded from Female Events by Swim England


Swim England, the national governing body for swimming in England, has announced a new policy that bans transgender women from competing in female events. This policy will come into effect from the 1st of September this year. Additionally, in order to ensure fairness of competition in all aquatic disciplines, Swim England is introducing an ‘open’ category for athletes whose gender identity is different from their sex at birth.

Swim England has emphasised that ‘inclusion and fairness’ is of utmost importance and that this policy will ensure “entry-level competitive opportunities” for transgender athletes. They also urge that those participating in aquatics recreationally should be able to do so without fear of discrimination. The ‘open’ category will be open to trans, non-binary and male competitors and anyone who cannot compete in the female category.

Swim England is the largest sports governing body in the United Kingdom, with a membership of over 250,000. They provide the UK’s competitive and recreational swimming; diving; synchronised swimming; water polo and open water swimming pathways. As part of their commitment to offering quality swimming and water safety education, Swim England have introduced this new policy that seeks to ensure fairness and inclusivity at competitions.

The policy is the latest step forward in recognising the human rights of transgender people, and the importance of providing an environment free from judgement and discrimination. It allows transgender athletes to participate the same way others do, and provides an ‘open’ category for them to compete in.

No specific individual has been mentioned in the article.