Trump’s Bravado despite Worry


Former U.S. President Donald J. Trump faced a courtroom arraignment on Tuesday in Manhattan. Despite his long history of self-promotion and attention-seeking, Trump was not relishing the moment, especially considering this was a situation he couldn’t control. Many close to Trump believed his anxiety was masked by bravado displayed at events such as golf outings, where he would brag about his own polling amongst Republican primaries and issue digs at Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. Trump made a low-key entrance to Trump Tower where he briefly paused to wave at onlookers prior to his court hearing.

Jason Miller, Trump’s senior adviser, has said that the campaign has raised more than $8 million in online donations since the indictment. This was likely a result of the Trump campaign pumping out numerous fund-raising appeals.

Trump’s campaign has also drawn comparisons between Trump’s dilemma and historical figures, such as Nelson Mandela, who was jailed and Jesus Christ who was arrested and murdered by the Roman government. However, Trump did not address the crowd before or after his arraignment, though one of his closest aides revealed he had thought about it.

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