Trump’s Impact on the World and India: A Critical Analysis


Recent news about former US President Donald Trump provides a dire warning for many countries, and India in particular. On Tuesday Trump was charged with 34 criminal counts in a New York court, and although the criminal charges could prevent him from ever running for US Presidency again, Trump’s continued strong support from his ardent supporters could still have implications for the American electoral process and, by extension, the world at large.

Since his election in 2016, Trump’s international policies have been largely dictated by his “America First” ideology. This has meant heightened economic competition and decreased cooperation – not just with India, but also with other nations. India, in particular, has been subject to retaliatory punitive tariffs, undercutting of Indian producers with cheap imports, and quotas for H1-B visa recipients.

These policies have had an unfair and damaging effect on India, and if Trump is granted the opportunity to run again in 2024, the international community could face even greater uncertainty. The US election in November will be the first test of public opinion towards the populist policies that Trump implements – and if his supporters prove to be as loyal and steadfast as they have been in the past, the global political balance of power could be completely reshaped.

Beyond the strictly political, Trump has also had an impact on businesses. He has been widely criticised as putting the interests of a select group of individuals above the interests of the majority, and businesses in the US have been struggling to remain afloat as a result. Trump’s approach of favouring the wealthy few over the economically disadvantaged may have torn the US economy apart, and if his policies remain popular, it could lead to an even greater gulf between the haves and the have-nots.

Finally, it’s important to note that Trump’s influence is not likely to end with the November elections. Despite his potential criminal charges, Trump has a dedicated base of supporters that have so far stood behind him through thick and thin. If enough of them turn out to vote in future US elections, Trump’s agenda could continue to colour US and global politics for years to come, creating both political and economic instability.

The potential consequences of this for India and the world at large are very serious. It’s time for international leaders to act and ensure their citizens that there will be no more Trump-style policies, and that instead the stability and prosperity of democracies around the globe will be restored.