UFC and WWE Look for Expansion Following Merger Valuation of $21Billion


UFC and WWE, two companies started off from humble beginnings have recently come together in a merger that values the new entity at a whopping $21 billion. In a deal confirmed by Endeavor CEO, the UFC is itself valued at $12.3 billion, a figure that reaches even higher than the previously estimated value of the Dallas Cowboys, the most valuable NFL team. As for the WWE, its portion of the deal values the company at $9 billion, expanding their worth beyond the $8 billion set by Forbes for the Cowboys.

The new merger will offer the two companies a chance to grow and develop even further, with those responsible immensely excited at the potential prospects. Endeavor’s CEO Nick Khan found the scope of the new arrangement astounding as it virtually surpasses the NBA’s $4 billion Phoenix Suns and the $32 billion value of the entire NHL, with its 32 teams. Similarly, UFC President Dana White was overjoyed at the merger, praising Vince McMahon and noting the success, stating the company has been “on fire” for seven years, and this union would only bring it to the next level and beyond.

The UFC was in danger of collapsed when casino moguls Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta acquired the company back in 2001, paying a meagre sum of $2 million. However, under the leadership of President Dana White, the UFC has since grown consistently and seen a remarkable rise in its value. The UFC has gradually increased its international presence, and became one of the most popular sports in 2021, outperforming international sports like soccer.

Nick Khan, CEO of WWE, is also immensely proud of the accomplishments of the company. Founded by Vince McMahon when he bought the WWE from his father in 1984, the company has since gone global and changed the game. As a result of the merger, Khan believes WWE will see a huge improvement in its international operations, which it has been struggling with since it only operates out of the Connecticut and Los Angeles offices. He believes that with the 35 international offices that are part of Endeavor, it will give them the resources and leverage to optimise their international deals and power up their licensing for countries around the world.

Meanwhile, UFC President Dana White praised the new deal, deeming the opportunities as “limitless”. He applauded Vince McMahon and Endeavor’s CEO Ari Emmanuel, adding that combined, the two companies are capable of achieving great success. The vision and passion white and his team of the UFC has had over the past years, along with their collaboration to the new entity makes this deal the perfect next milestone.