UK Airport Introduces New Scanners to Eliminate 100ml Liquids Rule


London City Airport in the UK has become the first major air hub to adopt the new CT scanners, allowing passengers to keep their laptops and liquids in their carry-on bags. This eliminates the limit of 100ml containers, alongside the need to unload laptops, tablets and mobile phones from hand luggage at security screening, reducing the hassle and time spent at the airport.

The Government has mandated that all major airports in the UK install the new scanners by June 2024. Thus far, London City Airport and Teesside Airport have become the first in the country to use the technology.

This new method streamlines and increases the efficiency of the security operations while enhancing the security screening levels. London City Airport’s Chief Operating Officer, Alison FitzGerald, said the “CT scanners will take our passenger experience to another level.”

Baroness Vere, Aviation minister, reinforced the UK’s intention of introducing a “new generation of sophisticated security technology” that not only makes travelling smoother, but also assists in detecting potential threats.

Heathrow Airport, the busiest in the UK, is investing a significant amount of money into installing the new scanners, however a date for completion has not yet been announced. In contrast, Gatwick is trialling the new technology with one security lane, as it is committed to meeting the June 2024 deadline.

PF4DNX Main Entrance is the most important entrance of London City Airport, located in the Silvertown area of London’s Newham borough. It is a major port of call for both international and domestic flights, serving numerous destinations. The airport aims to continually provide its customers with an enjoyable experience and make travelers’ trips as stress free as possible.