UK’s London City Airport Abolishes 100ml Liquid Passenger Carrying Restriction


London City Airport has revolutionized the airport security experience for passengers with the introduction of new CT scanners that allow all hand luggage items, such as laptops, tablets, papers and liquids, to be left inside during screening. This new process is a UK first and is set to reduce stress and hassle for travellers. The change also supersedes the large number of delays caused due to an adherence to the strict 2006 government regulations which limit liquids to 100ml bottled containers.

Alison FitzGerald, Chief Operating Officer of London City Airport, highlighted the significant improvement to both business and leisure passengers. She believes that the use of CT scanners will vastly improve the experience of travelling through the airport “to quickly and easily get to our many domestic and international destinations”.

The ambitious Government is requiring all major UK airports to install this innovative CT scanning technology by June 2024. Although Heathrow – the UK’s busiest airport – has not yet announced a date for completing implementation, they are investing “a significant amount of money” and Gatwick is undergoing trials in one security lane. The Aviation Minister Baroness Vere was stated to be “really impressed” with how London City Airport has embraced the new technology and is “making sure that all major airports across the UK introduce a new generation of sophisticated security technology”.

The changes have been well received with the promise to make travelling experiences more efficient and enjoyable for passengers. There is no question the new CT scanning technology should significantly reduce queue opportunities and provide enhanced security. With the June 2024 deadline, it won’t be long before all UK airports are following in the footsteps of London City Airport and Teesside – already trialling the scanners in all security lanes.

London City Airport is a leading airport located in East London, which operates both domestic and international services. They remain dedicated to providing their consumers with the best airport experience and this is evident with the introduction of the CT scanners.

Alison FitzGerald has been the Chief Operating Officer of London City Airport since 2020. She joined the organisation in 2019 as Head of Airside and Operations, and has considerable experience in the aviation sector, meaning she is well-equipped to lead the airport’s commitment to security and customer experience.