Unlocking the Limitless Potential of the Cerebral Valley


As AI technology is quickly rising and evolving, the once small enclave of Hayes Valley in San Francisco has developed a new nickname – Cerebral Valley. Home to dozens of entrepreneurs, activists, investors, and other industry leaders, Hayes Valley is lighting up with networking events, hackathons, and happy hours focused on the latest advancements in AI technology.

Whether this newfound spotlight is attributed to the boom of hacker homes in the area, the much needed good press for San Francisco, or the hopefulness of hopeful entrepreneurs amidst a global downturn, one thing is certain: the attention by top-tier investors has put Cerebral Valley centerstage.

Evan Buhler, an attorney with startup experience, made the move to Hayes Valley three months ago to begin building an AI company that would bring together buzzy technology and his legal know-how. After seeing many passionate entrepreneurs and seeing competitors such as OpenAI raise millions of dollars from investors, Buhler was inspired to share his own startup story. He, along with 200 other AI experts, enjoyed a one-day summit held by tech journalist Eric Newcomer and AI gaming startup Volley – an event that was abuzz with the much needed opportunities in the field.

OpenAI, the San Francisco company mentioned in the article, is an AI research and deployment company that develops algorithms and technologies that are accessible throughout the world. Founded in 2015, OpenAI works to build an ethical AI model that solves global issues and progresses humanity.

Evan Buhler is an attorney with over ten years of experience as a startup specialist. He believes that Hayes Valley could become an economic and spiritual center of San Francisco. His current venture is a combination of his legal expertise and AI technology, something that could become incredibly valuable in this moment of opportunity.