UP Board Students to Follow Revised NCERT Syllabus from This Session – Mughal History Removed


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is making big changes to Uttar Pradesh Board’s syllabus for the Academic Session 2023-24. Students from class 10th to 12th will be following a ‘rationalised syllabus’ which sees the omission of certain chapters from the majority of subjects. The subject matters such as Mughal Court from History, Cold War Era in Civics, Solid State and Surface Chemistry in Chemistry, and Reproduction in Organisms in Biology has been removed.

UP Board Secretary, Dibyakant Shukla stated that these changes have been made by NCERT as per the National Education Policy 2020, which focuses on reducing the load of content while providing brand-new opportunities for experiential learning with a creative mindset. The ‘rationalised textbooks’ removed certain chapters such as “Kings and Chronicles; the Mughal Courts (C. 16th and 17th centuries)”, “Colonial Cities, Urbanisation, Town Planning and Understanding the Partition (Politics, Memory and Experiences)” from the Class 12 History book.

In Class 11th and 12th Civics textbooks, “US Hegemony in World Politics and The Cold War Era” have been completely removed, while prominent topics from “Democracy and Diversity”, “Popular Struggles and Movements” to “Challenges to Democracy” have also been deleted from the Class 10 textbook ‘Democratic Politics-II’. This proves to be unfavourable for students who are preparing for NEET as these particular contents and topics cannot be covered during the Board examinations.

Speaking about the science subjects, many chapters from the Chemistry such as Solid State, Surface Chemistry, Principles of Extraction of Elements and P-Block Elements, have been removed. Even the chapters on Electric Charges and Fields, Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance, Current Electricity and Magnetism are now no longer a part of the Class 12 Physics syllabus.

Moreover, portions related to Reproduction in Organisms, Growth in Food and Environment, States of Matter and Environmental Chemistry, among several others, have been removed from the textbooks as well. Students of Math and Physics have also witnessed major cuts in their syllabus.

The Council concludes that the links of the new syllabus subject wise for the session 2023-24 can be found on the official website of UP Board – www.upmsp.edu.in.

The NCERT has taken this vital step to rationalise the syllabus across all the classes, in order to ensure that the students are receiving an education that is not only relevant but innovational as well. This move will help the students to learn skills that are required in the 21st century and make them equipped to take up the workplaces after their graduation.

This move by the NCERT won’t only be beneficial to the students of the UP Board, but also to the students of other boards who will be able to crosscheck and become aware of the other aspects of their syllabus.