Victor Glover: First Black Astronaut to Orbit the Moon


Victor Glover will make history on the upcoming Artemis II mission — as the first African American to travel into deep space hundreds of thousands of miles beyond the International Space Station (ISS). He will be part of the four-man crew orbiting the Moon onboard the Orion spacecraft in the fall 2024, testing new technology and paving the way for potential future Moonlanding deriving from the Artemis III mission.

Glover is 46 years old Pomona native and has been an astronaut since 2013, logging over 3,000 flight hours in 40 different aircraft and eventually becoming the first African American ISS expedition crewmember to live on the ISS that same year. He is among 15 African Americans to be selected as an astronaut by NASA.

Growing up in an area with high poverty rate and relatively high crime rate, Glover cites his parents and teachers as mentors who encouraged him to go the engineering school and eventually become a test pilot — leading to him becoming an astronaut. After completing flight training in Corpus Christy, Texas, he was commissioned as part of the US Navy. After receiving his wings in 2001, he moved to San Diego to learn to fly the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet, eventually deploying to Iraq in 2004.

Before being selected as an astronaut in 2013, Glover was working in the office of the late Sen John McCain as a legislative fellow. Since being selected, he was also the first black man to ever live on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2020 and will now take part in the mission to Apollo-style missions is the first of its kind in over 50 years.

NASA is known for its role in pioneering space exploration, and the Cultural shifts of the original Apollo missions in 1972, featuring mainly white men are being thought of with the diverse crew assignments for this mission.

Christina Koch, also part of this mission, will also make history as the first woman and first black woman to be sent on a lunar mission and being part of the crew of Artemis II alongside Reid Wiseman and Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen.

NASA selects a few of the thousands who apply each year to be a part of the astronaut corps which, Additionally, there are 41 current astronauts from which a vast majority have a military background such as Mr Glover.

Training for the mission has already started, but their identities were only revealed on Monday during a press conference. Being part of that mission, Glover looks forward to making human history.

“This is a big day. We have a lot to celebrate. It’s so much more than the four names that have been announced. We need to celebrate this moment in human history. Artermis II is more than a mission to the Moon and back. It’s more than a mission that has to happen before we send people to the surface of the moon. It is the next step on the journey that gets humanity to Mars,” the astronaut said in a statement.

The company mentioned in this article is SpaceX, founded by Elon Musk in 2002. The company is responsible for building the reusable space craft, Crew Dragon, which Victor Glenn flew to the International Space Station in 2020. SpaceX has also achieved a number of milestones, such as becoming the first privately owned craft to launch into space, and is now building a future space ship for passengers destined for the Moon and Mars.

The person mentioned in this article is Jeanette Epps, an African American astronaut who was selected to be an astronaut in 2009. In 2020, she is set to become the second African American, and first black woman, to live on the ISS after the launch of Boeing Starliner-1 in 2024 or later. Epps is a highly accomplished astronaut with a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and has been part of many expedition crews to the ISS. She is a role model for future generations and has made significant advances in her career.