VNG Opts in to Leverage Rostock Port’s Green Gases Potential


VNG, an eastern German gas subsidiary of power utility EnBW, believes the Baltic Sea port of Rostock has great potential for developing clean gas businesses. The company is seeking to transition away from fossil fuel sources in the long-term.

Hans-Joachim Polk, board member for Infrastructure and Technology at VNG, stated that Rostock offered an ideal opportunity for international hydrogen imports into eastern Germany, thanks to its overseas port and existing ammonia terminal.

With a sharp drop in Russian gas deliveries last year, VNG faced financial struggles to stay afloat. However, the company managed to secure a deal to secure its liquidity without resorting to state aid.

VNG is an energy supplier and natural gas wholesaler headquartered in Leipzig, Germany. It was founded in 1944 and provides energy services to businesses, municipalities and public utility providers. VNG is part of the EnBW Group, one of the biggest German energy companies and leading supplier of electricity, natural gas, district heat and telecommunications services.

Hans-Joachim Polk is the board member for Infrastructure and Technology at VNG, with responsibility for the company’s gas infrastructure. He is also an experienced business leader with over 20 years of managerial experience in the energy industry. He is a recognized expert in developing strategy, governance and organization projects related to energy infrastructure.