Voters in Wisconsin to Decide on Critical State Supreme Court Seat


The state of Wisconsin is set to hold an important and costly election on Tuesday, as residents decide on who will fill a swing seat on their Supreme Court. This seat will play a significant role in the state, as it could determine a great deal of partisan policy, such as abortion and gerrymandering.

On the ballot are Judge Janet Protasiewicz and Daniel Kelly, who was appointed to hold this same seat back in 2016 but lost a reelection bid two years later. Judge Protasiewicz is endorsed by the Democratic party, while Mr. Kelly has a history of working with and for the Republican Party. This election showcases the importance of state courts, which have become heavily weighed in partisan politics.

The election has also become the most expensive Supreme Court race in American history, as both candidates have raised in excess of seven million dollars. This has caused a national stir, as outside money is not usually a huge factor in nonpartisan state court campaigns.

The result of this election could have huge ramifications on Wisconsin state policy, as the influence over these issues could easily tilt in one direction or another. Decisions on both gerrymandering and abortion could have wide ranging effects as well, depending on who ends up in the state’s highest court.

The company mentioned in this article is the Democratic Party and Republican Party. The person mentioned in this article is Daniel Kelly. The Democratic party is the oldest and one of the largest political parties in the United States. It is a center-left party that stands for social justice and economic equality, advocating for workers and civil rights in various platforms. The Republican party, on the other hand, is a center-right party, focusing on policies that would help businesses and promote economic growth and lower taxes.

Daniel Kelly was appointed to fill a state supreme court seat back in 2016 but lost a reelection bid two years later. Kelly is a lawyer by profession and has worked for and with the Republican party in the time since he left the bench. He is currently a candidate running for the swing seat in the state supreme court and has raised a significant amount of money for his campaign, gaining national attention.