VR Treadmill Finally Ready to Ship After 10 Years


For a decade, Virtuix has been developing a virtual reality treadmill that replicates the natural human stride. Now, the company is finally ready to ship its first home-use product to consumers – the Omni One. This VR treadmill is the result of years of research, iteration and determination from the Austin, Texas-based hardware startup.

The story behind Virtuix began in 2013 when the company launched its Kickstarter campaign with a goal of only $150,000. Much to its delight, the company ended up surpassing its goal by raising $1.1 million. It is also worth noting that Virtuix delivered a few hundred of the units to its backers, however, encountered hurdles related to international pledges and opted to refund them with interest. This was followed by a significant investment from Mark Cuban, as well as a spot in the top 10 for technology-related campaigns in the history of crowdfunding.

Virtuix’s success extended beyond the crowdfunding world on to the silver screen. In 2018, the company provided two of its Omni devices to Warner Brother’s, who used them as the model for the CGI in the Hollywood hit Ready Player One.

The Omni One is a two-component product that pairs the classic Virtuix Omni treadmill with a Pico Neo 3 VR headset. This VR treadmill is based on a concave design that allows users to move within the virtual environment with a slip-resistant shoe covers and utilizes a tethering arm to stabilize the user in the space.

Virtuix has previously sold around 70 of its Omni Arena models to U.S based arcades, highlighting their focus on the commercial market. However, the Omni One is a consumer product and is expected to cost $2,595.

This hefty price tag may put off some potential customers; however, the CEO suggests that their customer acquisition cost might be relatively low due to their viral videos and big name promotions — such as a tweet by Elon Musk.

As the virtual reality industry continues to gain traction, Virtuix has positioned itself on the cutting edge of the trend. With the launch of their Omni One product, the company is likely to expand its presence within the wider VR space and perhaps even create a community of loyal users.