Wednesday Evening Update for You


Good evening. Wednesday witnessed some important developments in the world of politics and U.S. corporate culture. In an unprecedented move, former President Donald Trump was indicted with 34 counts of falsifying business records, setting off a lengthy court battle between prosecutors and Trump’s defence team. Speaker Kevin McCarthy also met with Taiwan’s President, signalling US support in light of China’s increasingly uncomfortable relationship with the West. Liberal candidates were victorious in two crucial state elections, one in Wisconsin and one in Chicago, heralding a potential reversal of the state’s abortion ban and the end of the use of gerrymandered maps.

A deadly tornado also left a trail of destruction in southeast Missouri, resulting in five deaths and multiple injuries. Moving towards courtrooms, the Department of Justice reached a settlement of $144 million with families of the 26 people killed in a 2017 California church massacre whose killer had been able to buy a firearm due to Air Force officials’ failure to submit enough records. General Motors announced it will end production of its staple muscle car, the Camaro, that has been around since 1966, joining the dodge challenger and charger in the class of vehicles no longer able to compete in the world of SUVs and electric vehicles.

The world’s richest man and woman both hail from the same country – France. Bernard Arnault’s luxury empire includes fashion favourite brands such as Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Company, while Françoise Bettencourt-Meyers’s fortune originated from her grandfather, who founded the cosmetics company L’Oreal. The wealth of these billionaire French magnates has reinvigorated debates over income inequality and taxes.

Hair loss affects an American population of about 80 million men and women and the industry provides numerous drugs and surgical treatments. The multibillion dollar hair-loss industry is becoming more accessible, offering users the possibility of simplifying their options and illustrating every step of the process. Meanwhile, wellness influencers have been touting the virtues of ashwagandha, a medicinal herb said to calm anxiety and help focus the mind, despite many health experts’ skepticism.

When the day is done, cooking Matzo brei, a traditional Passover recipe, or listening to jazz pianist Mary Lou Williams can help relax. A potential read for book lovers is the new book about spoken word poetry and its roots, rise and influence.

Organizing an event has been made easy through online tools, while decorating the home’s hallways can truly transform any living space. As for activities outside, wild edible plants can be welcomed with open arms into the garden to enjoy their benefits. And that concludes your Wednesday Evening Briefing.

General Motors is an American multinational corporation that produces automobiles, most notably their namesake brand, GM, as well as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and Buick. Since their founding in 1908, GM has grown to become the world’s largest automotive manufacturer and number one auto insurer in the world. Paul Vallas is a veteran politician and the former mayor of Chicago. Prior to that, he held gubernatorial positions in several states, most recently Illinois, as well as serving as Chicago Public Schools C.E.O in the mid 2000s.