What Should I Do if I Have a Flexible Role but Not the One I Want


For this article, a woman in her 30s feels trapped in her current role as an accountant in a large firm. Despite the high pressure, she still enjoys the flexibility of having time for her children, yet she longs for something more. The jobs available are full-time and full-on, which she cannot currently do. Finding the perfect balance of work and family life can seem impossible, but it is not. Let’s explore the best approach for this woman to find the right role.

Given the pressure existing in her current role, she should consider what aspects of her job she would like to keep and which ones she will be willing to change if necessary. Time management is key – if she enjoys her current level of flexibility, she should look for roles that allows her to become more involved in the business while still having control over her schedule.

The woman should also look into companies that have roles that do not require her to be present at all times, as many companies are now recognizing the need for flexible work arrangements and are implementing them in their structure. Joining a company with such structures allows her to retain her flexibility while taking on a new role within the same sector.

It’s also important for her to assess her current skillset and figure out which ones she can potentially capitalize on to get the role she wants. Is there a certain technology she can learn, or can she attend short courses or webinars to develop herself professionally? Additionally, she should network to explore possible career opportunities that she may be unaware of.

More companies are becoming open to accommodating a person’s lifestyle, and with the right mindset and knowledge the woman in her 30s can make a more suitable job switch without losing her flexibility. By doing her research, networking, and focusing on her skills, she can take the necessary steps to reach her career goals while still having quality time with her children.