What to Expect After the Donald Trump Arraignment Hearing?


After the arraignment of former President Donald Trump in the Manhattan criminal courthouse, the case known as People vs. Trump will continue to be argued through legal filings for months before a trial can be considered. Trump’s lawyers will file motions to the court to dismiss the case outright, including whether the charges were brought within the statute of limitations, and whether the misdemeanour of falsifying business records can be charged as a felony, as expected. His defense team may also pursue a Clayton Motion, which asks the judge to decide if the case should move forward in the “interest of justice”. Meanwhile, the defense will try to comprehend the evidence presented to the grand jury and prosecutors will gather more evidence in the meantime. Timely motions filed by Donald Trump’s lawyers, pre-trial hearings and witness list exchanges will follow, and later the possibility of a trial.

The Trump Organization is a limited liability company possessing a portfolio of over 500 businesses and assets, including Hotel Collection, Seven Springs and Scotland’s iconic golf course named Trump Turnberry. It also owns multiple New York properties, and was the subject of criminal proceedings in the same court when its chief executive was indicted on charges of aggravated Identity Theft and Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft.

Donald Trump is a businessman and reality TV star turned politician. Trump served as the President of the United States from 2017 to 2021 and is the first US president in history to be impeached twice. He is currently facing three criminal cases in the Southern District of New York, the first of which is the case of People vs. Trump for committing fraud in connection with campaign finance violations. His lawyers are aiming to fight the charges by filing pre-trial motions and attempting to stop the prosecutors from accessing certain evidence.