White House Invitation Delights NCAA Champions and Runners Up


An error-free White House invite sparked an interesting discussion about the political implications of sports wins and losses. First Lady Jill Biden made the unforced error of suggesting that the winners of the NCAA Women’s Championship, Louisiana State, and the runners up Iowa should both be invited to the White House. Sports fans were quick to point out that only the winners are normally invited, a tradition which has become increasingly politicized.

The star of the game, Angel Reese from L.S.U., responded on a podcast that “If we were to lose, we would not be getting invited to the White House”. Following criticism from vocal groups, a cleanup effort was conducted on behalf of Dr. Biden, yet some remain dissatisfied with her lack of cultural knowledge. This racial, social and gender-driven debate illustrates the complexity surrounding invitations at the White House.

Sports teams have been visiting the White House since 1865, when it was a traditionally non-political gesture – but since Donald Trump’s radicalised White House, athletes have often refused invitations based on their political views. President Biden has already begun reversing this trend by extending invites to the women’s and men’s basketball champions – a gesture of goodwill to unite the American people.

The Biden Presidency focuses on defending democracy and preparing for the 2024 elections. It has rejected the pursuit of free trade agreements with other countries and is sharpening its message ahead of a possible re-election bid. However, with the recent White House invite blunder, President Biden shows that he is willing to include perspective from both sides of the political spectrum.