Wisconsin Election: A Major Event That Could Reshape the Nation


Today, Wisconsin is holding an election for a seat on its Supreme Court that could have far-reaching ramifications. This election’s result could alter the U.S. political landscape for years to come. The Times political correspondent Reid J. Epstein takes an in-depth look at why a judicial race has become the most consequential election of 2023.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court election has attracted vast amounts of cash which has emboldened many of the candidates to abandon judicial neutrality. To understand why this race has become so crucial, it is important to go through what we know about the battle for the seat.

The Democratic Party has bet heavily on this election and the outcome could shape their future strategies. At the same time, Republicans are determined to hold onto their court majority. A Supreme Court in balance could offer a rare glimpse at a nonpartisan justice system in the U.S.

Michael Barbaro, host of The Daily, interviews Reid J. Epstein about the election and why its outcome could become a referendum for the nation. The episode is produced by Mary Wilson and Luke Vander Ploeg, edited by Rachel Quester and Liz O. Baylen. It also features original music from Marion Lozano, Diane Wong, and Rowan Niemisto, and is engineered by Chris Wood.

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The election winner could make a huge difference in the level of partisanship observed in the Supreme Court. Any party that successfully controls the seat could use their advantage to potentially approve or strike down any number of policies related to civil rights, voting rights and economic welfare that could have an long-term impact on Wisconsin and the nation.

Reid J. Epstein is a political analyst and writer who specializes in the American political scene. He has been working for The New York Times since 2011 and has covered numerous elections and major events.

Reid J. Epstein has written extensively on the importance of the Wisconsin Supreme Court race and its role in the future of the United States. He believes that the election reflects the stark divide between the country’s two major political parties and the extent to which they are willing to go in order to gain control of a seat on the nation’s highest court.