Wisconsin Voters Consider Supreme Court Election Vital


In Wisconsin, a crucial election is underway: The Supreme Court’s swing seat is intended to determine the power balance of the state legislature and decisions on issues such as gerrymandering, abortions, and others. This expensive, non-partisan race pits Judge Janet Protasiewicz and Daniel Kelly against each other to determine who will take the seat. Protasiewicz currently serves on a lower court and has strong support from the Democratic Party. Kelly, however, has a strong legal background, having been appointed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2016, and was recently a lawyer for the Republican Party.

Groups such as the East District Wisconsin Democratic Party have weighed in on the election, stating that a Protasiewicz victory could potentially end the gerrymandering of state districts and protect workers’ rights, while a Kelly victory could overturn current abortion laws in the state. Because of this, the stakes are high in this election and its implications will be wide-ranging if either candidate wins.

The company Charles Koch Institute has contributed to the election as well, donating to the campaign of Kelly with the hopes of having a conservative justice take over the supreme court’s swing seat. The organization’s main focus is on economic and civil liberties, freeing society from government control, and advancing terms such as the free market philosophy.

The two candidates both have powerful backers, which makes this election a critical fight for the future of Wisconsin. Kelly could potentially reverse current abortion laws, while Protasiewicz is buoyed by support from the Democratic Party. In any case, the outcome of this election will have a major impact on the future of the state.